Catherine King
Catherine King
Global Head of Brand Engagement

Catherine is committed to providing a meaningful connection to senior executives in the areas of Digital, Data, Analytics, Information, Business Development & Innovation via industry-leading content & insights. 

Her expertise extends to hosting and moderating large-scale events, spearheading communities, and directing, producing, and hosting industry-leading podcasts.

As an award-winning professional with extensive experience directing and designing Conferences, Bespoke Roundtables, Online events, and more, Catherine is particularly passionate about promoting diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. She is a vocal ally and advocate.

Catherine is also an Instructor at the University of British Columbia's Sauder Business School. She teaches the Marketing Intelligence and Performance Optimization module for their Data & Marketing Analytics Course.

Outside of work, Catherine enjoys spending time in her garden with her partner and two Pomeranians, Todd & Nala.