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Preriit Souda
Preriit Souda
Director: Data Science & Strategic Insights

Preriit Souda began his career with a brief stint in academic research in Texas, USA, followed by a tenure at a startup in Mumbai, India. Subsequently, he worked with TNS India for 2 years, where he handled clients in India, the Middle East & Asia Pacific. In his most recent at Kantar (Part of the WPP Group in the UK), he worked with clients across Europe, China, and the Middle East, among other locations, for 5.5 years. For the last three years, he has been the Director for PSA Consultants, where he works with clients in the US, UK, EU, India on strategically vital projects concerning data & insights.

Preriit Souda was a Director: Data Science at Kantar, one of the biggest market insight companies in the world and part of the WPP group. He was instrumental in developing one of the most advanced Data Science departments within Kantar & WPP. Under PSA Consultants Ltd, he has helped startups scale up their data science capabilities, helped create data products with revenues exceeding 10 M USD, ideate products that helped increase clients’ valuation by 39%, worked on large scale implementation of consumer touchpoint systems leading to 27% reduction in churn and many more.

He has won several awards, including ESOMAR Best Paper (Global) 2017, ARF (Advertising Research Foundation) Rising Star Gold 2014, ESOMAR Young Researcher of the Year (Global) 2011, MRS (Market Research Society UK) Grand Prix 2016 (Project), MRS New Insights Methodology 2016 (Project), MRS Best Research using Social Media 2016 & 2017 (Project), MRS (India) Best Analytics pape2012, Movers and Shakers for Thought leadership 2018, GRIT 2019 Honoree, WPP Atticus 2015, 2016, IEEE US New Faces of Engineering 2012, Grit Future list 2019, etc