Benchmark Reports

How do your IT and digital transformation plans look compared to other businesses in their market? 
Whilst we all have our own ideas and roadmaps, it’s useful to see how we align and better insights lead to better decisions.

The new era of work

We interviewed nearly 1000 key decision makers across the business spectrum to gain an understanding of exactly what their digital transformation and enterprise communications targets were moving forward, what technologies they felt would be most dominant, what their challenges would be.

This report explores the topics of the new era of work, the drivers of transformation, technology that will power the shift, and making the transformation happen.

84% of IT leaders reporting increased budgets

200 IT leaders from Digital Transformation EXPO outline IT priorities and budget allocations for 2021.

84% of IT leaders are reporting a general rise in tech budgets for 2021 and beyond. Of those, 33% suggest that office rental costs will be transferred to technology to support a hybrid workforce, and 24% predict that travel and entertainment expenses will be cut and repurposed to tech.

Key developments in UC&C

The survey replicates the previous Market Insights Survey, to explore the latest trends in cloud and collaboration amongst businesses and the impact Covid has had on the progression of UC&C strategy and decision making, throughout what has been an ever-changing year.

Drawing comparisons between the two studies, the report considers the attitudes towards UC&C during the first stages of the pandemic, exploring how these have evolved over time and illustrating the challenges and priorities now influencing UC&C decision making as we look ahead to the new year.

Market Benchmark Reports