27-28 March 2024 - Hilton Bankside, London

The Cyber Security Leaders Summit is a closed room peer-to-peer forum for senior IT and security leaders to connect, innovate and collaborate on key challenges in the field. Throughout the event, attendees will come together to drive innovative ideas, tackle the biggest threats on the horizon and navigate new ideas and start formulating next steps for the year ahead.

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What our delegates say

What's in it for you?

Network and collaborate with fellow influential members of the cyber community and join pre-qualified
meetings with handpicked solution providers that you want to meet.






Who's it for?

Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Information Officer, VP/Director/Head of:

• Information Security, Cyber Security, IT, Cyber Defense, Security Operations, Incident Response, Security Architecture, Threat Intelligence, Pen Testing





What to expect on the day

Day 1

Arrival & Refreshments
Chair's Opening Remarks
Panel Discussion

Mapping a changing attack surface: What are the key threats you need to defend against?

• Getting to grips with your true supply chain risk profile: How to map, assess and prioritise vulnerabilities across your third party ecosystem
• How can you utilise AI to increase your threat hunting capabilities, improve your tool monitoring and enhance your security posture?
• Exploring the multifaceted risk of insider threat and how to manage malicious, compromised and negligent individuals

Louise Taggart, Senior Manager - Threat Intelligence, PwC
Ecem Karaman, VP Cyber Security, JP Morgan
Jon Abbott, CEO, Threat Aware
Gary Osborn, Head of Information, Amnesty International
Joe Wainwright, Head of Cyber DLP Security Operations, Capital One

Sponsored Keynote

AI: Friend or Foe? Your Security Strategy Holds the Answer

• The new normal: A deep dive into the new security challenges facing organisations today
• Friend or Foe? An exploration of the common AI misconceptions, myths and facts, and how organisations should be leveraging AI effectively
• Live Demo: See how AI can help to bolster your security defences and can assist in your threat detection approach

Brett Taylor, Senior SE Director, UKI, SentinelOne
Jonny De Silva, Solution Engineer, UKI, SentinelOne


Your voice is my password: Can you protect your company from the next generation of attacks in the AI dimension?

• Is AI working for or against you?
• How have new AI technologies been benefitting and empowering cybercriminals?
• Hear how Jake ethically hacked a business using AI voice cloning technology to steal the voice of the CEO and company money - completely unnoticed

Jake Moore, Global Security Advisor, ESET

Tea & Coffee Break
1-2-1 Meetings
Decoding Diversity in Cyber Lunch

Carving your own path: How to build a legacy in the cyber industry

Panel Discussion

What’s the secret behind cyber strategies that engage workforces, remain agile to changing threats, and guard sprawling systems?

• Developing and training security teams that are aware, vigilant, and capable of keeping your organisation safe
• The importance of aligning business continuity and organisational adaptability within your security strategy
• Proactive and predictive: How to stay ahead of the unknown in a ever changing threat landscape

Emma Green, Managing Partner, Cyber Data Law Solicitors
Sharad Sinha, Head of Security Operations, Oxford University Press
Samantha Liscio, Chief Information Technology Officer, NIHR Clinical Research Network
Rich Fowler, CISO, The Royal Mint
Illona Simpson, CIO EMEA, Netskope

Fireside Chat

Rising premiums, decreasing coverage: How does cyber insurance need to evolve?

• Paying the price: What threats and emerging technologies have caused the changes in cyber insurance?
• Redirecting investment: Can you make better use of your cyber insurance budget into new cyber tools and training?
• Does the diminished role of cyber insurance present a challenge or an opportunity when you’re looking to reduce your cyber risk exposure

Eleanor Dallaway, Founder and Editor, Assured Intelligence
Regina Bluman, Cyber Security Advisor, Pinsent Mason

1-2-1 Meetings
Transition Break - Happy Hour
Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

1. How to collectively manage risk across an expanding third party ecosystem
2. Can you streamline cloud controls and toolsets to reduce complexity?
3.  How do you master access controls in line with your risk appetite and context?
4.  Are bad actors reinventing the wheel or just getting better at their old tricks?
5.  How to guard the mental health of your team in tandem with the health of your organisation
6.  When dealing with stretched teams, how do you cut through the noise and focus on high-priority risk mitigation?
7.  Will a shift left approach solve your software supply chain risks?

Chair's Closing Remarks & Audience Takeaways
Networking Drinks Reception

Day 2

Arrival & Refreshments
Chair's Opening Remarks
Breakfast Briefings

1. Keeping calm in turbulent times: The makings of a security team who can face crisis head-on
2. Are we in a golden era of ransomware? The rise of RaaS, multi-extortion, AI enabled cartels and big game hunting
3. Taking a seat at the table: How to make sure cybersecurity is high on the business agenda

Panel Discussion

Building better lines of defence: Is it time to evolve your security operations?

• Attack me if you can: Why you need to go beyond traditional testing methods to advance your security maturity
• How to give your security operations team a complete picture of risk and potential impact of an attack
• How quick can you detect, connect and correct malicious activity in your systems?

David McKenzie, Cyber Security Operations Director, National Gas
Sarah Norman-Clark, Director of Information Security, House of Parliament
Ashley Pierre, Senior Security Architect, Deliveroo
Heather Bedson, Head of Information Security, BPP

Sponsor Presentation

ZScaler - Topic TBC

Fireside Chat

The power of playbooks: How to keep your team breach ready and limit the blast radius

• Predict the unknown and presume the inevitable: Why continuous testing can help you prepare your team for times of crisis
• The art of information sharing: Understand the what, why, when and how of revealing information in a rapidly unfolding situation
• Back on track: How can you limit the impact of a breach and contain damage

Nick Morgan, Cyber Security Crisis Manager, PwC
Richard Meeus, Director of Security Technology and Strategy, EMEA, Akamai

1-2-1 Meetings
Fireside Chat

What is the real impact of geopolitical cyber warfare on your threat levels?

• Hybrid warfare is the new reality: What threats do security leaders need to look out and plan for in this new era of cyber warfare
• Exploring the deployment of disruptive geopolitical attacks, including CaddyWiper, HermeticWiper and SwiftSlicer
• What can security and risk leaders do to prepare their organisations for the future as geopolitics and cyber continue to intertwine?

Jessica Figueras, CEO, Pionen
Alexandra Godoi, Information Security GRC Lead, Oxfam

Sponsored Interview

Are you stuck playing the blame game? How to reframe your security culture

• What’s the gap between your ideal security culture and your current state of play?
• Tools, training, networks: What initiatives make the biggest impact?
• Deep dive into how Think Cyber transformed the security culture of Unilever

Sarah Janes, CEO, Layer8
Charlie Sinclair, Cyber Security Senior Awareness and Engagement Manager, Unilever
Tim Ward, CEO and Co-Founder, ThinkCyber

1-2-1 Meetings
Peer-to-Peer Roundtables

1. What will it take to get users to take ownership of secure behaviours?
2. Will ransomware remain an ever-evolving menace?
3. What can you do to keep sensitive information out of the hands of attackers?
4.  How to strengthen your cybersecurity posture by aligning endpoint security practices with business objectives
5.  How to build a team of first-class breach responders
6.  How to better align business and cyber risk to gain buy-in and investment from the board
7.  The big debate on Zero Trust, SASE & DevSecOps: What’s the next platform security evolution?

Chair's Closing Remarks

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