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Digital transformation in a post COVID world

April 2021

After a crash course in business continuity, remote working and digital business models, IT and business leaders have an opportunity to build a better digital workforce. To do so, they will have to navigate some of the biggest hurdles set to unbalance carefully laid plans. In this report, we offer tried and tested ideas from our community on how to meet customer, worker and transformation challenges head on.

The critical difference to a secure, hybrid workforce

February 2021

Cyber security is a hard-won victory for many companies, but 2020 truly served up a boss level for teams to tackle. With little notice, security and IT teams had to shift entire workforces to remote set-ups, while ensuring minimal disruption to general operations in the face of increased exposure, the human firewall became more critical than ever to organisational resilience. In this threat-ripe environment, an all-hands-on-deck approach to cyber security is needed, with a clear opportunity to add a tighter layer of security to this dynamic workforce.

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