Virtual Roundtables

Join our monthly virtual roundtables where we'll be addressing challenges across cloud
transformation, cyber security, unified communications and more!


UC&C: Successfully implementation of UC&C tools to create an optimal hybrid working environment

• What are the latest tools available to ensure productivity in a hybrid working environment?
• How to overcome challenges of implementing these tools into existing workflow?
• Timelines and predictions for what’s coming next, i.e. AR/VR, AI/ML…?

Infrastructure: The move to becoming a truly cloud native organisation

• Designing a cloud native culture within your company
• Taking your enterprise business rapidly into a cloud development culture
• Utilising kubernetes through to containerization for simplified development and operations

Cyber: Ensuring resilience in the face of ransomware

• What have we learned from the latest wave of ransomware attacks?
• How to reclaim control in the immediate aftermath of a ransomware attack
• What can you do to limit the damage of ransomware and enhance resilience?


UC&C: Video as the norm: How can the effective use of video conferencing drive productivity and encourage collaboration

• How will the demand and adoption of video continue to evolve?
• What is the future of video? Will AR or VR meetings become the norm?
• Impacts of employee wellbeing

Infrastructure: Evolving enterprise networks to support a productive, hybrid workforce

• Assessing network demands and the impact on capacity, latency and coverage?
• What exactly is SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) and how can it deliver true network security?
• A pathway to SD-WAN: Developing an SD-WAN strategy and ensuring effective implementation

Cyber: Cutting through the white noise: What threat intel should you be listening out for?

• How to extract the right information to improve detection and response
• What can you do to manage new and emerging risk factors?
• How to action intelligence and ensure your security posture improves

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